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Who Are We?

MSU/JRN Spain Study Abroad Students



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Our Adventure Begins

Another perfect day in beautiful Barcelona — wonderful weather to greet the students as they arrived at the airport today. Three students appeared on the scene earlier this week, but the other eight arrived within a four-hour time span. Two arrived sans luggage, but everyone is lending them items until their luggage arrives — a t-shirt, size 9 comfortable shoes, etc.

Tapas and sangria covered the table at our Welcome to Barcelona dinner.

Students are staying at the Melon District, a new residential facility for students — only three-metro stops away from the Placa de Catalunya, the bustling city centre that leads into La Rambla. Although a bit disorganized at first, the staff there got everyone into their rooms. Most of the students took short naps.

Los Toreros was the location for our “Welcome to Barcelona” dinner, and it was the first time we had all been together in the same location (although we missed Karl, who will be teaching the last three weeks of the five-week study abroad program). We had our own little room — until a bachelor party moved in with us. Uh huh. You’ll catch a glimpse of some of them in the photos.

We ate a traditional Catalan dinner, which consisted of tapas and sangria. Journalists should never say a good time was had by all, but gosh darn it, a good time was had by all. This is one amazing group of young people, and I feel privileged and excited to work with each one of them.

Check back here tomorrow. The students will be blogging as part of their assignment for the trip. I’m looking forward to reading about Barcelona and Madrid through their eyes, and I hope you are too.

-Cheryl Pell

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The weather is perfect in Barcelona! For the past couple of days, I have been checking out the student accommodations (the Melon District), making sure our classroom is in order, purchasing tour tickets and selecting a location for our first dinner. And tomorrow I’ll spend time at the airport greeting the students as they arrive.

For that first dinner, we’ll be enjoying Catalan cuisine, mostly tapas, in a little neighborhood cafe near the most famous street in Barcelona, La Rambla.

Each day students will be posting to this official class blog. I’ll take a turn first and post comments and photos after our dinner Sunday night and then hand it over to the students at our first class meeting on Monday.

Check back every week day to see what the students are discovering in this busy coastal city.

-Cheryl Pell

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