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11 hours, 660 minutes, 39,600 seconds. One day in the life of #msuspain.

This is a minute-by-minute account of our trip to Toledo, Spain. Not Ohio… we would have stopped to say hello if we had been that close to home, home. (Don’t go to Cleveland, Tom.) We hope that it gives you an idea of how busy our days have been since we have arrived in Spain.

7:10 – Catherine’s first alarm goes off. Because our train was leaving for Toledo at 9:20 and there was absolutely no way to get there otherwise, paranoia was running wild about being ready to go and alarms were set accordingly.
8:21 – Karl arrives. Catherine passes him in the hall as she goes to Alanna and Nichelle’s room to hang underwear on their balcony to dry. Bathtub laundry and a shady window make for slow drying clothes.
8:32 – Our group of 11 departs the hostel for the metro. The group agrees this is the most urgent any of us has seen Karl since our arrival to Madrid.
8:42 – The metro leaves the Billbao station for the train station.
8:52 – After arriving to the lobby in a bit of a tiff, Adam and John seemed to make up only to have their disagreement intensify on the metro.

Karl handing out tickets for the train!

8:55 – We arrive at the train station.
8:57 – Karl promptly asks someone who looks like they know what they’re doing for directions. He seems very stressed at this point.
9:01 – After going down an escalator, Karl attempts to confirm if we are in the right place. “If you don’t know, ask!”

9:03 – Location is confirmed.
9:04 – We all make it through security and are greeted with giant baby heads.

Baby heads at the train station.

9:08 – Our tickets are scanned.
9:10 – We find our seats on the train.
9:12 – John reads Catherine what Rick Steves has to say about Toledo. El Greco didn’t live there. Now you know.

John loves Rick Steves.

9:15 – Alanna, John and Catherine discuss how to get to the airport tomorrow for the four-day weekend.
9:17 – Laura E. and Catherine switch seats. John and Laura E. plan exciting Society of News Design things and ask questions including, “How long does it take to drive to Denver?”
9:20 – Our train departs on time.
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Please Hold Your Snapping Until the End.

Sometimes it’s difficult to put the amazing and unique experiences and feelings we’re having into words. For me, I have come to overusing certain words as I am unable to think of new ones to explain how much I’m enjoying being here. For others, they have resorted to extreme sarcasm to express how impressed they are with the city we have been lucky enough to call “home” for the past 11 days.

For my first blogging experience, I have decided to take it back many years to my elementary days when I was first introduced to the wonder that is the art of haiku. I hope you enjoy!

This is our lovely group outside of the Miró Museum today. We really wanted to be Wall-E. Can you blame us?

Group of eleven.
We have more redheads than boys.
I love us a lot.

Cheryl is so nice.
We love spending time with her.
Teacher, they chanted.

Mountain of the Jews.
We took the finicular.
Very pretty views.

Miró was today.
I liked his use of texture.
Lines are art, he said.

The Music Palace.
Iron, ceramic, stained glass.
Que Magnifica!

Get well soon, Laura.
More medicine. Bottoms up!
She is a trooper.

The Melon District.
Sometimes, they know what happened.
We love the kitchen.

Barcelona, heart.
Know how much we’ll miss you, please.
Onward to Madrid!

Well, that’s it for me.
I hope you liked the haikus.
Love always, C Mills.


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