The Devil Wears Prado

Today we saw our first precipitation since arriving in Spain! Yahoo!

You cannot tell, but this man is doing a Gene Kelly impression.

Everyone broke out the hoodies and umbrellas as we made our way to El Prado (see the graphic, below) for a day of art history and lessons on perspective.  Afterwards we all made our way back home, where we capped off the day by ordering Domino’s pizza (it took 11 of us to figure out how to order, and we ended up having our wonderful guide Nancy do it for us anyway).  Needless to say, it was delicious and well worth the trouble that Abbey and Katie D. went to to pick it up for us, in my opinion.  For a more detailed overview of the day, please see John’s blog (also below). Please enjoy our infographics as we continue to take this blog to new levels never thought possible by mankind!  Adios americanos!


El Prado

Click here for John’s blog.



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3 responses to “The Devil Wears Prado

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  2. nancy

    what’s he singin?

  3. Marcy

    Adam so impressive!!!

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