We have less than four weeks left in Spain. We’ve been here 11 days. We have homework due tomorrow (don’t worry, it’s not much) and we leave for Madrid on Saturday. Some of us only have two more years left at MSU and for some of us, this is our last summer vacation before having to be what I call a “real person.”

What will we do when we get back? Who will we see first? What things will be put on our to-do list? I may just be speaking for myself, but these are all questions that are buzzing around my head day after day. However, as I sit on my twin bed after spending a day of seeing amazing art and beauty I can’t help wonder if maybe none of those worries are really that important right now.

We are in Spain. We’ve had 11 days of adventures and are fortunate enough to have over three weeks left of our trip. None of that matters either. What matters is today. The moments that we are experiencing right now. The breathing in and out of the Mediterranean air and the joy of being surrounded by such unique individuals. I’ve realized (with the help of others, I’m not a genius!) that this experience is one that I will never have again, and one that I need to fully treasure. I need to enjoy every second of the day.

Whether it’s watching a boy finish a rubics cube in the time span of one metro stop to the next (yes, this DID happen this morning and yes, we did all applaud), or listening to the 4,000 pipes of the organ that sit in the historic and breathtaking Palau de la Música. Every moment is just as important as the next and it would be disappointing to think that I spent my time sitting in the balcony of the Palau de la Música pondering what job I will search for after graduation.

That being said, today was full of beautiful moments. One of my favorites was walking into the Fundació de Joan Miró (the museum of Joan Miró, a Spanish artist) and seeing the unbelievably large piece of artwork that reached from the ceiling to the floor and was intricately sewn to create the largest blanket I have ever seen.

Another moment that I treasure would be stepping out of the metro station in search of a good cafe and finding the cutest restaurant, Buenos Migas. We all agreed that they had the best pasta salad, pizza and quiches that we’ve had since arriving in Spain. We even had enough money left over for gelato!

Another moment that is worth remembering would be the tour of the Palau de la Música, a concert hall designed in the Catalan modernista style by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner. The site is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and today over 300 concerts are held in a year that range from symphonic and chamber music to traditional catalan music. The acoustics are impeccable from the marble floors to the ventilated ceiling and is known as the garden of stone. With the carved muses and roses and giant stained glass ceiling, it was truly one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in Barcelona. (I’m still mad that I couldn’t take any photos).

And lastly, I’d have to say the most satisfying moment of the day would be when I walked into the B-3 kitchen at 9:30 tonight to find all of the MSU Spain “gang” eating together at a large table (except Laura E. who is trying her best to beat her cold, you can do it Laura!). There were two plates of noodles, a delicious salad, bread and oil and a multitude of other snacks filling every inch of the table. Everyone pitched in to create a collaborative and delicious dinner before beginning our homework.

Our group is truly special and they are constantly inspiring me to enjoy every moment that I am here. I am not going to worry about what happens when I go home, and in fact, I am not even going to worry about what I will do tomorrow. I am going to be present in the now and soak it all in as if this moment is the only moment I have.

Here is a video to showcase the moments visually. Enjoy!

VIDEO – moments

Ciao, Abbey M.



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4 responses to “Moments

  1. Amy

    Thank you Abbey for living in the moment and letting us live this trip with you thorugh your incredible detailed writing on the blog to your outstanding video which keeps all of us back home seeing the trip or the moment through your eyes! What a tremendous journey you all have experienced in 11 days! Looking forward to seeing your future moments to come!

    Enjoy this special time together!
    Katie D. MOM

  2. MARCY


  3. Lorie

    I love the Art Buchwald quote at the end of the video. And I appreciated your comments about living in the moment. We all need to be reminded of that. I spent a year teaching in China, and though I thought I relished every moment, looking back I could have done it even more. There’s no education like travel and your group seems to be exceptional students.

  4. jane

    I really liked this video and the quote is perfect.

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