Working Seriously Hard

The group waiting for Cheryl by the metro, about to go have a delicious meal

With three red heads, two boys in matching soccer jerseys, and a teacher leading us that is just south of 5 feet, we’re an easy group to spot in a crowd. But after a solid week, I’d like to think that we’re slowly learning the lay of the land here in the amazing city of Barcelona and have moved up the ranks from tourists, to locals in training.

Abbey and Katy W. analyzing a magazine's ability to "keep voice" in class on Monday

We can all finally navigate our way safely, in and out of the metro without losing any valuable limbs in closing doors or escalators. And we’ve been able to discover a lot of the hidden perks Spain’s public transportation has to offer. “I don’t need a blow dryer, I have the metro.” – Alanna.

Everyone has made a valuable effort to fit in style-wise, and have purchased clothing from some of the local shops. “You guys we have to stop at this store. It says it has the freshest s*** in Barcelona!” – John K.

And, we’ve learned that huge fishes, are huge at L’aquarium de Barcelona. “Look at that huuuuge fish! It’s a fish, but it’s huuuuge!” – Laura E.

Yes, we’ve learned so much in the short time we’ve been here. Being serious students, and working seriously hard is what we strive for each and everyday! Some pictures from today can be seen here but I have a feeling everyone at home might want to know a little bit more about what we students have been up to when we’re not hitting those books…I thought so.
Since words could never possibly do us justice, here is a VIDEO to help me out. Hi to everyone back home! Don’t worry, Cheryl isn’t working us too hard 🙂


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3 responses to “Working Seriously Hard

  1. Marcy

    Great video, you are all so adorable and look like you are having the time of your life!!! You look nothing like tourists, just sophisticated students.


  2. jane

    I loved that video, great song pick! thank you!

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