WAIT. Who is Veggie Monster!?

“I love small leather goods… they just get me,” said Cheryl on our walk back to the train station from the Dalí Theatre-Museum.

He has no idea...

As funny as Cheryl is, there is somewhat of a universal truth in her statement. There is something that “just gets” everyone. For you, it might also be small leather goods (but let’s be real – probably not); it could be anything that intrigues or fascinates you. For Abbey it’s Disney movies (jk Abbs – it’s Frida Kahlo or something). For Adam, it’s anything except Spain. I’d pin Katie D. for the Toms type. What thing “just gets” you? Really though, because that’s important. That thing, or those things, is or are what makes you an individual. This trip is helping me discover what “just gets” me. So far, it’s seafood tapas and taking pictures of old people when they’re not looking. It can get awkward.


By the time the 12 of us boarded the train at 10:15 a.m., we were “bright-eyed and bushy tailed” (another Cheryl-ism) with BIG goals of actually writing in our journals and doing our homework for the week. That didn’t last long… Laura F., John, Lauryn and I played the card game ‘spoons’ (the one where you need four of a kind and you have to grab a spoon before they’re gone), but there is no silverware in Spain so we used pens. This game got a little violent, mostly because John is greedy and tries to take all the pens. Laura F. lost every game (sorry to call you out) so I vote she sticks to being the group’s Spanish interpreter… that might be a more valuable skill anyway.

Somehow we stumbled on the topic of childhood TV shows. Abbey acting as the expert on all things Disney corrected Lauryn’s statement and set us straight about Pixar merging with Disney for Toy Story. Thanks Abbs. Other topics: Lamb Chop’s, Barney (specifically if the washed up child actors brag about their Barney experience on resumes at the age of 25), Gummy Bears, Cookie Monster’s ugly/tragic transformation to Veggie Monster, Pee Wee’s Play House (well, just how creepy it was), and the sad realization that Bob Saget is not actually the sweet fatherly Danny Tanner after seeing his stand-up comedy.

We got off the train after an hour and a half, eyes not so bright and tails a little wilted, and attempted to find somewhere to eat. After a failed 25 minutes of walking aimlessly, we discovered a little café called Café de la Font, where the silverware (ok, ok, it does exist in Spain) was 3 feet long and the food was delicious.

We are Dalí

Oh yeah, we went to the Dalí Theatre-Museum too. That was cool… ummm I’m pretty sure I didn’t understand one thing in there. I loved his sketches and his ability to excel across so many types of art media.

The best word to describe Dalí and his work (he designed the theatre-museum, too) would be dimensionality. Every time you look at something and you absolutely know what it is, you suddenly see another thing that totally changes the perspective and matter of the artwork.

I think art, like almost everything, is incredibly subjective. I’ll let the other bloggers speak more to his work, but this quote allowed me to take the museum in with an attitude of acceptance and awe, rather than trying to figure out what the heck was going on:

“I want my museum to be like a single block, a labyrinth, a great surrealist object. It will be a totally theatrical museum. The people who come to see it will leave with the sensations of having a theatrical dream.” – Salvador Dalí

I do hope you maybe laughed once or at least enjoyed reading this BLAWG (Cheryl-ism). Here is my own blawg that I’m yet to update, my flickr photos, and my twitter. So many links on the quest to master multimedia.

Shout out to my fam and friends. I miss you like crazy, but I’ll miss you more when I move here someday!

-Laura E.



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3 responses to “WAIT. Who is Veggie Monster!?

  1. Marissa


  2. Diane

    You forgot Sailor Moon! That was your FAVORITE!! 🙂

  3. Marcy

    Gaudi, Picasso, La Mercat Bogueria, etc….. it is so fun following your adventures in Barcelona. Laura F. it is amazing how in such a short time you have realized what intrigues and fascinates Katie D. , Toms was a good call!!! Keep up the great posting’s and be safe.

    Aunt Marcy

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