Everyone Hates Barcelona…

. . .  Just kidding 🙂

What a long but amazing day! The gang woke up early to meet Cheryl downtown at Catalunya square around 9:30 a.m. and we were ready to see the sights. With sunblock applied and our cameras in hand, we boarded the turquoise bus and prepared to travel the city of Barcelona.

The sights were amazing! Being provided with headphones, we were able to learn a little bit more about each place we saw along the way and listen to slightly annoying but strangely calming elevator music. From the 1992 summer Olympic stadium to the Parc Guell there was never a dull moment. Several students and I agreed that the Sagrada Familia Cathedral was their favorite sight to visit for many reasons.

“I just like, died and came back to life when we got there. It was amazing to see such an extensive piece of work that probably someone working on it will commit their whole life to see it completed,” Alanna said.

The famous landmark for the city of Barcelona was designed by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí whose work was seen throughout the city. In the beginning stages of the Cathedral’s construction, Gaudí unfortunately died in 1926 and he never lived to see his final piece finished. But thanks to the help of millions of anonymous donors, the construction of the building is still continuing and is said to be finished by the year of 2040.

The view as we drove up to Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Stopping at the famous Parc Guell starved, some of us had lunch at the local cafe in the courtyard, enjoying bocadillos (small sandwiches) and pizza. Others explored, taking pictures of the beautiful mosaic structures. We ended our visit taking group photos at the top of the park building, looking out onto the city landscape of Barcelona that can be seen here, and moseying in and out of local shops back to the bus stop.

A bit tired and burnt out from the sun, we stayed on the bus for the rest of the tour, traveling up into the mountains and seeing the entire city from above. The trip was overall exhausting, but totally worth it in the end! Some of the girls finally got to hit up the H&M store after the tour and everyone made it back to the hostel by 8 p.m. In fact they’re probably all taking naps as I write this in preparation for hitting the streets tonight for a late dinner! Hasta Luego! –Lauryn Schroeder



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2 responses to “Everyone Hates Barcelona…

  1. karl gude

    Great photos, Lauryn. Really wonderful.

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